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Post Here if you want Sins of a Solar Empire 2
303 Replies
Galactic Civilizations IV or Galactic civilizations III Ultimate
0 Replies
unable to start or load a game that req DLC. I have all DLCs
11 Replies
Enhanced 4x Mod Problems sins of solar empire
1 Replies
After 3.11, no longer loads
2 Replies
Will this game ever have a sequel or more story campaigns?
1 Replies
Multiplayer crashes with minidump, how to fix?
1 Replies
first game - being attacked by two neighbours. how do i stay alive?
2 Replies
I can't believe to my eyes! Sins2!
3 Replies
Null Pointer crash every time we try to play LAN after last update
7 Replies
Does Sins of a Solar Empire have Steam Workshop?
1 Replies
Hangs in opening cinematic
1 Replies
Will this game ever have a sequel or more story campaigns?Ashes of the Singularity
0 Replies
When opponent surrender everything disappear
2 Replies
No Multiplayer with v1.94
0 Replies
Benchmark Refuses to Upload
8 Replies
Best GPU (and maybe CPU or memory)
1 Replies
The Video Game Machine
0 Replies
Problems with players of different alignments allying in mp?GalCiv3
1 Replies
No Ship Designs Mistake
1 Replies
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